Since I wis a wee loon at the school i liked to draw picters, I got in trouble quite a lot  as I was supposed to be doing maths and would spend more time doodling on the jotter covers. 

Now when the Community Association decided  to bring out a community newsletter, I thought it might be the ideal chance to start drawing again so i invented McRory and his wife and auld Granny Gasbag and a few others, the first attempts we a bittie shaky drawn on the back o an auld calendar but soon we invested in richt good drawin' pens and we were awa!

In those early drawins McRory started with a flat cap, but I noticed our chairman John Fleming is the proud wearer  of the fore and aft otherwise known as the  deer stalker hat.  

One day I imagined John may have  left the hat on a chair after a Memorial Hall Fundraiser  and McRory swiped it.

 McRory has  such a brass neck he's been  wearing it till this present day of course  John knows its his hat but he is such a nice lad he hasn't mentioned it.

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